Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flag Day

Flag Day-click to enlargeJune 14 is Flag Day in America, a day to commemorate the adoption of the US
flag by the Second Continental Congress in 1777.
The building is the bell tower of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the
Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were adopted and the
place where the Second Continental Congress met from 1775 through 1783.
The bell tower was the original home of the Liberty Bell seen above,
described as an icon of liberty and justice.
This is a large size desktop which should fit on most computers.
Remember the American Flag tomorrow.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Bobwhite-click to enlarge Our theme for this month is "Birds" and I decided to do a desktop to honor the Bobwhite Quail
that I hear every morning when I sit at my computer.
We hear their "bob-white, bob-bob-white" whistle all summer.
Bobwhite are very elusive ground birds but I've had the pleasure of seeing them
a couple of times foraging in the brush near our house.
The image I used is a public domain sketch with some changes.
This is a large size desktop that you can save by clicking on the image;
if you need a standard size you can download that here