Saturday, February 19, 2011

Presidents' Day

Monday is Presidents' Day in the USA and is what we used to call Washington's Birthday.
The holiday was moved to a Monday from his actual date of birth (Feb. 22)
so we could all have a long weekend.
I've chosen a public domain photo of Mount Rushmore for my desktop.
Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a granite sculpture carved into the face of
Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.
The heads sculpted in to the mountain are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,
Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.
The sculpture was completed in the 1930's; you can read about it here
This is a large sized desktop and should fit most computers;
click on the above image to save to your computer.
Enjoy your weekend and remember George Washington!

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  1. Thank You Jan...and thanks for the explanation!
    Very attractive desktop wallpaper.